Call Tonight! Stake Your Claim Prayer Project


MONDAY CALL! LIVE FROM PROMONTORY, UTAH. 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

First Dallas TX, then Nice France, now Baton Rouge LA. Violence must cease! Pray for the police. Pray for God’s union to overcome the enemy’s empowerment of hatred, in Jesus’ Name!

Pray God’s protection and grace for the Republican Convention, which starts today!

From the journey last nightTwilight comes late out here. Mountains are seemingly right next to us now, jagged silhouettes lining the path of our tracks. I see a fire burning on a distant hillside and am reminded again of Gideon’s call.

Remember we have been commissioned as Gideons to take back our land! It’s a midnight midnight hour. Lets light our lamps and shift our nation!

No More Important Time Than Now
Trains force you to spend time that you usually don’t have. Ten hours into this trip, I’ve had much time to converse, pray and ponder. Dallas, Nice France, Baton Rouge. It’s my personal conviction that there’s no more important time in our Nation’s history to start this prayer project than RIGHT NOW.

From coast to coast, we need these next three weeks to be a full court press in prayer. For real. Stake your claim and together lets take back our land!

Vision—Closing the Division—Lynn Alderson
We begin tonight with a special prayer call from Promontory, Utah, where a golden “vav” or railroad tie connected east to west in the transcontinental railroad.

It’s now time for Heaven’s vav to be released and received. From Promontory across the nation, God’s covenantal union prevails over the enemy’s sabotage and division! Our friend Lynn Alderson received the following word for this journey:

“You have now come full circle to present me with this engagement ring. I say now as you approach this next piece of the assignment traveling across the middle of the nation, that with each revolution of the Glory Train wheels, you will be my VAV, my fastening device to CLOSE THE DIVISION in this nation.” I saw in the spirit the railroad tracks and then SAW A ZIPPER BEING CLOSED.

A zipper… what a picture! Imagine a zipper as two sides of a single track. As God moves, divided tracks are again becoming one! God is sealing His covenant with our land.

So join us for prayer and proclamation tomorrow evening to start this prayer project. Receive Gideon’s commission as your own. Stake your claim and take back your land!

Prayer Project Mandates
Here are a few mandates from the Lord that I need personally to follow through on during the next three weeks. I believe they are priorities for many of you as well.

  1. Stake your claim—Take back your land! In this Conflict of Thrones, we are entering into the season known as Dire Straits. Where God called His people to take the Promised Land, and they hesitated. Don’t hesitate! Don’t focus on the giants, focus on God’s covenant promise to you and take action!
  2. Communion every night. Pray Psalm 91. Receive Christ’s body and blood for cleansing and strengthening. Pray Ephesians 1:17. Commune with Him! Pray for God’s protection. Pray for Israel, America, nations.
  3. Fast as God leads. For me personally this means broadly no sugar, half portions with times of fasting completely as well.
  4. Purity of eyes, purity of heart, purity of covenant. Where is your entryway of greatest influence outside of Christ? Take a break for this season.
  5. Goalpray in tongues one hour per day. Pray for Glory Train and DC prayer time at end of fast. This is vitally important.
  6. Violence ceases immediately! Pray for today’s civil rights movement to GET BACK ON TRACK. Pray for the police, military, and intelligence communities. Again is really key as we move into the season known as “Dire Straits.”
  7. Restore Your Glory! Awakening and union! Note that we culminate our time at the historic well of the Second Great Awakening. Do it again God! Restore Your anointing of holy conviction across our land!
  8. Covenant wealth released! Pray Deut. 8:18. Full provision!

Ok. Tonight may Heaven vav earth from Promontory and coast to coast. Union! Glory Restored! Covenant blessings to each of you, in Jesus’ Name.

Note on Graphic
East meets west in Promontory Utah, where golden stake was driven in to connect the transcontinental railroad. L-R Railroad worker drives stake; Harriett Tubman, conductor of the Underground Railroad; Abraham Lincoln, whose vision laid the tracks for an end to slavery and the preservation of our Nation through Civil War; Jay Swallow, Native American leader whose work to bring reconciliation both within Native tribes and within our nation has brought tremendous healing to our land; and legendary railroad “steel driver” John Henry, who laid tracks that forged America’s future.

3 Comments on “Call Tonight! Stake Your Claim Prayer Project

  1. Amen and Amen! What a moment in history has come for the ekklesia to come full circle to now present the Lord with our engagement ring! How poignant for me that today, July 18, marks the engagement anniversary for me and my husband! 19 years ago, he presented me with my engagement ring! Thank you, Lord, for your covenantal, generational faithfulness and blessings to our nation!

    Josiah Center in St. Paul, MN has called for a corporate 21-day fast to join with you all!

  2. I was reading the Sacred Journey by Brian and Candice Simmons (The Passion Translation) and this reminded me so much of the dream that Jolene recently had in OKC (as a part of a 10-year journey) in which the Lord kissed her TWICE, the second being a “warrior kiss” as I recall.

    Brian and Candice write: “The Hebrew word for kiss is nashaq, a homonym that can also mean to ‘arm for battle’ and ‘to be equipped for war’. Perhaps it is the kiss that equips us for battle. Every warrior must begin with being a lover and every lover will end up being a warrior.”

  3. We recently felt led to visit the Golden Spike Tower in North Platte, Nebraska. The tower is in the shape of the VAV- (railroad spike) and is 8 stories tall. We learned about the orphan trains that brought 200,000 children ages 2-14 from NYC to the western part of the US to live on farms, and be indentured for 12 yrs. This began in 1856 thru 1926. Many were Irish and Italian. They wore a placard with a number and got 1 new change of clothing in their cardboard suitcase. 2 of the individuals became governors- one of North Dakota and one of Alaska. The story is on video and can be seen on PBS. .. The Orphan Train. This was an uncovering of history that we were not aware of.

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