Glory Train Summer–Final Week!


Glory Train final week! A new movement has been launched before our very eyes. Celebrate with us! We are believing God for $8000. To sow into this work of the Spirit please click here. THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY!

THURSDAY—Special Prayer Call! 9pm EST. Note Thursday not Wednesday. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

Whoa… it’s hard to believe we just started the final week of this five month-long Glory Train tour. From Hawaii and Alaska to Seattle, circling the nation, then from Sacramento to Syracuse and DC! Today’s post provides you with an overview, a prophetic word of encouragement, and our schedule for the final week.

Note that we will be sharing key revelation from our Heartland Awakening tour plus much more in the next few days. I simply have not had time to write. In the past 6 days we have ministered in Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa, Kansas and Missouri. God moved powerfully. He is awakening the heartland!

Window to the World—for 12,000 Miles
Riding the rails is not easy, but the landscape is beautiful, and there’s nothing like praying for America from our window to the world. We are traveling overnight from St. Louis to Chicago to Rochester NY. A total of 26 long, brilliant hours. For this alone, Jolene should be crowned for sainthood.

Here’s our tally so far for the Glory Train journey. During the past five months, we have ministered in 46 cities and connected with 45 states across the nation. No message has been the same. Instead we have shared fresh prophetic revelation in each city alongside the Glory Train story.

Jolene and I have traveled 12,100 miles by rail, with some 600 miles yet to go by next Monday, August 8. This is in addition to 1,500 miles by car where train travel was not possible. And 12,229 air miles including Hawaii and Alaska. That’s 25,829 miles in all.

Announcing the Final Five! This Fall
Remember Bob Jones’ word that the Glory Train is coming to any city that wants it! We have a strong conviction that we need to pray for the release God’s glory onsite in all 50 states. Which means we’re now planning a “Fall Final Five” tour to connect with Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Kentucky and Michigan. We will also return to Tennessee, this time to minister. The Glory Train Nashville is now being planned!

What this means is that the complete tour will actually not end during the season of Dire Straits! That’s good news. But we will be taking a little break.

Below is our schedule for our final week. Note that Dutch Sheets is joining us in Syracuse for the final 2 day conference of this journey. The “Underground Turnaround” is on the move!

“I AM Honoring the Turnaround Decrees!”
Before sharing the schedule, let me share a brief note of encouragement from our prophetic friend Melissa Haskins. We received this yesterday.

Jon & Jolene, I just woke up from sound sleep and re-read this and the Holy Spirit declared to me, “I am honoring the Turn-Around decrees more than the Lamplighter family will know on this side of eternity. I can take a Gideon troop and change the course of war. Encourage the Hamill’s that their obedience is literally changing history. Oh, for the people who trust Me and take me at my promises. Let there be light!”

LAMPLIGHTER FAMILY, we cannot say enough how privileged we are to take this journey with you. Covenant blessings to each of you… lets roll!

Schedule—Final Week!
Aug 1 Monday
Train St. Louis to Chicago to Rochester NY 7:55 am-1:52pm

Aug 3 Wednesday
7pm Bridge Builders Ministries, Rochester NY

Aug 4
Train Rochester to Syracuse, onsite prayer in Lowville NY

August 5-6
REVOLUTION Syracuse with Dutch Sheets! Cicero, NY

Aug 6 afternoon
Prayer at Ouriskany Revolutionary War Battlefield, train Utica to Albany NY.

August 7
Berne NY—10 am Rock Road Chapel with Pastor Jay Francis

Train Albany-Washington DC.

August 8-10 Strategic corporate prayer project, Washington DC

3 Comments on “Glory Train Summer–Final Week!

  1. Awesome news!! Keep going!! You are doing great!! MORE IS BEING ACCOMPLISHED THAN WE REALIZE!! Blessings!!

  2. I am still basking in the glory from your visit! Thank you so much for your obedience. You will never know what all has been accomplished! May the Lord bless you the rest of the way!

  3. God Bless you Jon and Joleen for your obedience! You are covered under the Blood of the Precious Lamb of God. Keep on Keeping On.Praying for you ! Love you. Sue Drum

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