Storm Warning! On the Wall for Israel and America


Prayer Call from Israel TONIGHT! 9pm EST. Conference call number: 641-715-3605 access code 552-690. Use *6 to mute/unmute. Invite your friends to join us.

Dear Harvest Shakers,

Covenant blessings from Jerusalem. And thank you for your prayers. We spent much of the day today in Shiloh, the town in Samaria where the Ark of the Covenant originally rested and the glory of God joined heaven and earth. From the time of Joshua through Samuel’s ministry, Shiloh became the first governmental “Throne of glory” established in God’s covenant land.

Being there was a dream come true. But Shiloh was also the first place where the idolatry and sin of God’s people provoked His glory to depart from the land. The ark was sent into captivity. It is a sobering reminder of our absolute need to completely repudiate Jezebel’s influence in our land. The consequences of disobedience at this significant threshold are too great to even imagine.

almond-tree-jon-jolene-smNot a coincidence that from Shiloh we got to witness first-hand the harvest of the almond trees. It became so clear that we are in a season of both governmental shaking and the restoration of His glory.

Over the past few days we’ve shared on these shakings related to our own last-minute journey from Washington DC to Newark (or new ark), to Jerusalem. A journey made on September 11. Though we did not know it at first, this date has once again become a gateway which defines our collective future. And somehow by God’s Spirit, our journey is prophetically reflecting this.

Dream—Storm Warning, America and Israel
With this at heart, today I want to share an extraordinary prophetic dream regarding the bond between Israel and America. This dream provided another clear confirmation regarding our last-minute sojourn to Israel. And the need to pray for America’s elections.

The dream clearly conveys warnings about storms, storms that even seem to unite Israel and America. The timing indicated by the dream remains a mystery. Are the they past, with the rainbows now being formed? Are the storms now at hand, or are they coming?

Please keep in mind that not all storms are bad. Tomorrow we are releasing our first posting as the new international directors of Prayer Storm, founded by our friend James Goll. The Lord showed James back in 2007 that some storms could be averted, and some empowered through this global movement. A Global Prayer Storm.

Below is the dream. Due to the nature of our friend’s work right now, she has requested anonymity. But her legacy of accuracy in the prophetic has been proven through many years.

Standing in the High Places: Jerusalem & America
“I have posted watchmen on your walls, Jerusalem; they will never be silent day or night. You who call on the LORD, give yourselves no rest, and give him no rest till he establishes Jerusalem and makes her the praise of the earth.” Isaiah 62:6-7

I shared this with Jon (right before he and Jolene left for Israel). It felt relevant to insightful strategy for how to posture in prayer, hope and victory. That’s what we’ve been asking for: Heaven’s strategies.

The Lord emphasized to me an important correlation. His covenant-keeping nature regarding the inter-connectedness of America with that of Israel and Jerusalem. This is a key insight for how to pray, specifically in this our election season. In other words, to pull on (in prayer) the tender strings of covenant within the Father’s heart, over Jerusalem & America. Because He desires to be magnified as the Covenant-Keeper. So that is how we should pray. To remind Him of His covenant. (Hebrews 13:20.)

Here’s the dream & a personal parabolic story that played out last week to emphasize this correlation.

I recently returned back to New Hampshire (where I grew up). I mentioned to key people in my life that I felt I was supposed to be in NH for the elections, but I wasn’t sure why. Then suddenly, I was recruited by a series of surprising and sovereign connections, to be hired, paid to work for the Trump campaign in New Hampshire. Plot twist! This all happened in the last week or so.

Storm and Rainbow Over Temple Mount
The morning I was to make official this new job, August 29, I had a dream. Here is the dream:

I was standing in Jerusalem looking directly at the Mount of Olives. I was on the hill facing it. I saw a huge, ominous storm swirling around the Temple Mount, and the city of Jerusalem. Interspersed among the huge, dark storm clouds, were large and bright effervescent rainbows. For some reason, not many people could see the rainbows. 

Some rabbis came up to me. They were looking at me for a word of insight. They were speaking to me with tears running down their faces, swollen from crying. The rain of the storm was drenching their orthodox curls. 

The rabbis asked me desperately if there was “Any hope?!?!” I pointed to the rainbows and said, “Look! Don’t you see the rainbows?” The dream ends.

Jerusalem in the Morning, Presidents in the Afternoon
Later that SAME day, I received a phone call that I was requested to meet someone from the campaign team very far up north into the mountains. I obliged, a bit frustrated at the four hour round trip driving needed to just meet up or sign paperwork, but yet knowing it was God who opened the door of opportunity to work for the campaign. So, I drove up north. Suddenly it dawned on me, that were something parabolic or prophetic that the Lord was trying to show me. I was driving on “The Presidential Highway,” in literally the “The Presidential Mountains,” to the “Mount Washington Hotel” just past Mt. Clinton, near literally, “Mount Hope,” to go work for the campaign to elect Mr. Trump as President.

In the words of Jon Hamill, “You can’t make this stuff up!”

So a dream of Jerusalem in the morning, and a journey with the American Presidents in the afternoon. Both on literal high places, and also figurative, spiritual high places of prayer regarding government, crowns and thrones.

Processed with VSCO with a4 preset

The Rainbows—God’s Covenant Prevails!
Then, of course, there was the rainbows. The rainbows in the Jerusalem dream (depicting covenant) and the actual huge rainbow I saw in New Hampshire, an exact seven days from the dream.

Here is the hint for how to pray: We must stand on the high places with great hope and faith in our Covenant-Keeping God. Jerusalem and America… Both precious to Him. Both in covenant with His Son. Let’s remind our God, in faith, of these covenants, in this critical hour, and watch His victories unfold.

Sept. 19 Succat Hallel with Rick and Patti Ridings, Jerusalem.
Sept. 28, Hope Harbor, Murray KY
Sept. 30-Oct. 1 Glory Train Nashville! With James Goll

Just added! Oct. 11 Glory Train at the Jesus Tent, Moody Campus, Northfield MA with Mike Thornton and Jonathan Friz

Oct. 16 Life in Christ Fellowship, Newport VT (morn & eve)
Oct. 17-18 Rutland VT, details TBA
Oct. 19 Rock Road Chapel, Berne NY
More to be announced!

Special Prayer Calls!
Sept. 14 Prayer Call from Israel
Sept. 21 Prayer Call from Israel, joined by James W. Goll—Global Prayer Storm!

2 Comments on “Storm Warning! On the Wall for Israel and America

  1. Ominous swirling storm passes through my city and other parts of Utah Sept. 22, after the convergence of Prayer Storm, Lamplighters, and Glory Train. The Glory Train, ruach breath of God, passed through at over 70 miles per hour down my street! A huge beautiful rainbow came after a huge storm in Utah with sideways winds, hail, silence, a deluge of rain, followed by two tornados. God’s people were safe, no serious injuries reported from that storm, a true miracle due to all the downed trees & power poles, flying roofs from businesses and houses in the surrounding area, and other flying debris.

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