Jolene—God is Painting our Enemies in a Corner!

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Jolene—God is Painting Our Enemies in a Corner!
Jolene here. The Lord has been speaking to me about the importance of this season. Several years ago, when I was feeling particularly discouraged about several battles we had lost in the Supreme Court, the Lord asked me a question. Jolene, do you think Moses felt discouraged when he continuously had to confront pharaoh? I knew we were in a season just like exodus where we were being used to confront the gods that have taken over our nation.

And just like Moses we were being called to confront each one of them as well. And just like Moses things weren’t going too well. His next sentence shocked me. “I am leading them down a path that will paint them in a corner where they can’t get out”

I was so excited to see what the Lord was going to do. And honestly since that day there was an expectancy in me that no matter what the enemy attempted and whatever battle they felt they won the Lord was leading them down his path and the end result was going to be amazing. Well we are in those days. The Lord’s sworn enemies have been painted in a corner. Just like the story, we are in the midst of being released from bondage. We have been let go so we may worship him. We are in the season where we leave Egypt and take the goods with us.

Coming Up! In Battle Array
When Pharaoh let the people go, God did not lead them through Egypt on the road through the Philistine country, though that was shorter. For God said, “If they face war, they might change their minds and return to Egypt.” So God led the people around by the desert road toward the Red Sea. The Israelites went up out of Egypt armed for battle.

In battle array. That’s exactly how we need to come out of our wilderness of subjugation in this season. The Israelites had already been through a great battle. And they were tired. They left for the promised land armed for battle, and as we all know by the story it was very needed. For the Lord hardened Pharaoh’s heart to pursue them one more time, down to the Red Sea.

God is Faithful
Why would the Lord allow that? Why would He harden Pharaoh’s heart? Because he is finishing the battle against His enemies and painting them in a corner where there is no escape.

Jesus truly is the Author and Finisher. He finishes every task he starts. He is faithful to the end. He is faithful to our nation, and He is faithful to each of you in your circumstances.

I believe that is the season we are in right now. We are only half way there. As a matter of fact, the Lord has been singing that song in my spirit lately. Half way there, living on a prayer! We must finish the task. I know many of us are tired from the length of the first part of the battle but our strength is needed more in this time than before. We are now in the part where the enemy has regathered his armies and he is on full on pursuit. Only we know that the pursuit by our enemies will lead them straight to the Red Sea with no escape.

Esthers Arise! Jezebel is Trying to Take Your Platform
Just a week ago, the morning after the inauguration I had the following dream.

I was at a roundtable with a group of people that were seated. A friend Tracy from childhood was seated right next to me. The Lord often uses this girl as a symbol in my dreams of an enemy who pretends to be my friend and also the second generation of freemasonry. In the dream I get up and confront her. I tell her she has no right to use the platform that was built for me. She tells me that she not only is going to use it but she intends to steal it. The dreams shifts where many are mad at me and trying to cause division because I confronted her on her intention. Then the next scene is of them taking up placards and marching down the street of the nations capital.

As I prayed into the dream the interpretation became very clear. It is a time for the “Esthers” to rise and take their platform. There is a platform in the spirit that the Lord has built for just this hour and he has raised up many Esthers to take their place.

There is also a false movement promoted by a Jezebel tendency that is trying to use our platform that was built for us. If we do not rise up and take this opportunity at this time, the void will be taken up by an army of Jezebels through deceptive and false rhetoric that will lead many women astray. The Lord has placed within me a heart to reach many in the next generation who are being led down the wrong path at this time.

Eradicate Ungodly Anger
The Lord also highlighted the use of the strong emotion of anger that is at the foundation of Jezebel tendencies. We must ask the Lord to eradicate ungodly anger in all of us and we must be fierce in our love and pursuit of righteousness just like Esther.

And we must behave like Esther. She was gracious but fierce towards her enemies. She was beautiful and wise. Rise up mighty warrior brides! This is our time to shine since we have been called to the Kingdom for such a time as this!

5 Comments on “Jolene—God is Painting our Enemies in a Corner!

  1. Amen. Part of the word the Lord gave me the other year at the start of the new Hebrew year was about how He has not allowed our enemies to gather around us for our defeat, but for theirs. I was reminded of this last Sunday when a guy at church shared with me a vision he had showing the same thing.

  2. This is a strong prophetic word that has the Esther anointing upon it! Since prophetic words activate I want to quote you in some of my emails to intercessors that I am related to who are strong in the Lord, fierce toward the enemy but wise as you said and shining with love for their Bridegroom and Lord Who also fought the battle and won.We were born for such a time as this!

  3. Wonderful word and an admonition to be careful of my attitude! It’s hard not to get agitated sometimes but I must be mindful of God’s ultimate goal! Just read in Exodus 11:9 that Pharoah will refuse to listen to you (Moses) so that my wonders may be multiplied in Egypt. Thank You Lord for the mighty wonders You are about to reveal as we stay focused on You! Blessings Gail

  4. Jolene – love this blog!! Here’s a poem I wrote a while back that expresses a similar sense of mission for the Esthers of today:

    Daughters Arise

    From parties and pleasure to purpose
    His daughters must now arise
    Bright shining lights in the darkness
    with the fire of God in their eyes

    Let Deborahs run to the battle
    And fight for those without voice
    Let the plans of the enemy shatter
    Bringing down the proponents of choice

    Arise oh Esthers and Annas
    Arise Jaels and stay
    In the battle opposing abortion
    that carries our babies away

    Give shouts for our God is with us
    Lift prayers from your hearts this day
    Jesus, our Captain, goes with us
    Victorious in the fray!!

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