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Conflict of Thrones 2017: Thrones of Glory and a Glory Revolution!


Welcome to the Thrones of Glory Prayer Project. We are taking the time from January 1-22 to gaze on God, dwell in Heaven’s courts, and receive His timing to set our course for this turnaround year. Lets begin with a…

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Jolene—Throne of Glory Vision—the Lion Shook His Mane!

Dear Throne Room Revolutionaries, I believe a prophetic encounter Jolene received while in Jerusalem defines His invitation to us all for this year. She literally saw God’s throne of Glory, and it has rocked our world. The intimacy and synergy…

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Revolution 2016—Key Updates!


REVOLUTION 2016—THRONES OF GLORY! Rick Ridings, James Nesbit, Martin Frankena, Abby Abildness, Jon & Jolene Hamill, more. Worship by Jamie Fitt and the Philadelphia Tabernacle of David Dec. 8-11 | Whole Word Fellowship-The Gate Host hotel: Hilton Garden Inn Fairfax,…

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Conflict of Thrones—The Turnaround Window Opens

“Conflict of Thrones” word, January 2016: “When Ronald Reagan came on the scene, everything changed. And friends, that’s exactly what the Lord is offering our nation today. A turnaround window of this very magnitude, catalyzed by a new move of…

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“Never Forget Donald Trump was Mantled for the Presidency by a Black Pastor from Detroit”

“Never forget that Donald Trump was mantled for the Presidency by a black pastor from Detroit.” These words first came to me around the time we were flying to Jerusalem on September 11. Trump mantled for President. I was at first…

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