We value your time and interest in us. Walking with Jesus is always an adventure—especially here in Washington DC—and we love taking this journey with you! Here are three ways to stay connected to Jon and Jolene. First, subscribe to LAMPostings and receive vital prophetic insights and prayer updates. To subscribe, simply click the link on the top right and follow the instructions.

Second, please feel free to join us each Wednesday evening for a live prayer call that focuses on prophetic directives and real-time events. Simply follow the instructions on our postings to access the conference call.

Third, please consider partnering with us in ministry. Our partners invest regularly in prayer for us as well as contributing financially. Please fill out the form below to be added to our ranks! We will be in contact with you shortly.  

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May Jesus Christ Himself make His face shine upon you! Covenant blessings, Jon & Jolene


One Comment on “Connect

  1. Today, July 22, we entered Washington DC traveling across the continent from Washington State. We left Everett, WA on May 18 and my husband has been biking across the country. God instructed me through a friend to get a Liberty Bell to ring. I found one in Eureka, MT purchased at an antique store from an 88 year old woman who endured six years of hard labor under Stalin in Kazakhstan and Iran. She wept as I told her I would ring it across the country to DC. God gave me the words “Unwind your way across America.” Unwind–to loosen, set free. Reminds me of John 11:11 which came out in our prayer one day that this trip is about unwinding America from the grave clothes! From Washington to Washington, we have seen the dire straits that the midwest is in. It is heartbreaking to see the crops drying up in the fields, not even salvageable for silage. Praying! Declaring! Ringing the Liberty Bell for freedom in Christ! Believing! Hoping! Thank you for sharing how DC is stepping up and stepping out to pray within the beltway.

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