Houston Tomorrow! Patricia King Tuesday!

Releasing Your Double Portion What a meeting last night in Jackson Mississippi. Glory! Around 400 people from across the spectrum gathered for a meeting that was put together in less than a month, with ministry leaders they did not even…

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Pentecost Now! Flashpoint Houston This Weekend

Lets continue to pray for the victims of the Orlando shooting and their families. And lets take to heart Jolene’s warning about potential terror strikes. Lets keep watch against any attacks planned for the future!  Pentecost is fully here! If…

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Stake Your Claim—Take Back Your Land

Graphic: Center—East meets west in Promontory Utah, where golden stake was driven in to connect the transcontinental railroad. L-R Railroad worker drives stake;  Harriett Tubman, conductor of the Underground Railroad; Abraham Lincoln, whose vision laid the tracks for an end to…

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